Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ulu Yam, Selangor

Ulu Yam is a main town in Selangor, Malaysia. Ulu Yam is also a transit point to the Genting Highlands resort after Batang Kali. Ulu Yam is also well known by its natural surroundings and places such waterfalls likes Sungai Sendat. There are also three natural hot water pools (hot springs). On the way to Ulu Yam, we have to pass through the beautiful ‘Empangan Batu’. The view and the scenery here makes us feel cooling and relaxing.
                              Signboard to Ulu Yam 

From Batu Caves, 25km to arrive at Ulu Yam that takes about 40 minutes. To get to Ulu Yam, have two ways that is either from Batu Caves or Batang Kali. The road access is excellent, there are plenty of resting spots by the lake and a few amazing vista points provide a good bird's eye view of the whole lake. You can stop by of the lake to enjoy the nice view here and do a recreational activity likes fishing or picnicking. There are a few eco-tourism resort here too.

Come visit to Ulu Yam!!


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