Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!

In Chinese's Lunar calendar, Chinese New Year in the year 2011 is the year of rabbit. Chinese New Year is also one of the most important festival of the orient in the Chinese community.

Being the lovely Rabbit yea, in fact you won't forget to decorate your desktop with some beautiful Chinese New Year wallpaper featuring some rabbits? A Chinese festival wallpaper is normally filled with red colorred background poster and red white mixing design characters. 

For those who celebrating Chinese New Year,
Happy Chinese New Year & wish you have a prosperous year!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Did you know about Sungai Sendat???

Sungai Sendat is a waterfall at the back of Ulu Yam Bharu, accessible by a small narrow road that leads through rubber estates and secondary forest. These cascading waterfalls are a delight to those who find them as they are great for picnicking, paddling and swimming. The 4km road is tarred but once it reaches a certain point becomes a dirt track full or rocks and holes.

Fortunately, it'a a short distance before reaching the main park at the right turn. Sungai Sendat Amenity Forest is placed in Batang Kali Reserve Forest (Hutan Simpan Batang Kali), Hulu Selangor. This forest is a part of Rainforest Tropics in peninsular Malaysia and one of the eco-system that really complex in the world. It really unique and have been existed more than hundred years that rich with 2,500 tree species, 200 mammals species, 600 bird species, 110 snake species, 860 lizard species and thousand of insects.

                            Entrance way in to waterfall

                  Welcome sign of Sungai Sendat
This formation of amenity forest inside reserve forest are agreeing with 'Dasar Perhutanan Negara 1978 (Pindaan 1992)' to make it permanent with a sum of district that can be as a recreational place. These are car parks lots available and several gazebos.

The falls consist of several ties, a few with pools deep enough to swim but beware of strong currents. Sungai Sendat also has several camping spots within the park and further down the rivers. To reach Sungai Sendat waterfalls, turn off at Hulu Yam Lama and head for Kampung Hulu Kalung. Sungai Sendat is place between two rivers that is Sungai Sendat and Sungai Kalong. The main attraction of Sungai Sendat is the waterfall and two rivers that the water is very clean and fresh besides of the beauty and naturally background of Rainforest Tropics
                   Entrance Ticket for adult/per person
                             Do's and Don't

Come visit to Sungai Sendat!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sharing Is Loving...

Just want to share with all of you..

Batu Dam or 'Empangan Batu'

A magnificent place where it could give feel of ocean. Mountain had surrounded the dam which looks very similar like islands surrounded the ocean. Just a few kilometres from Batu Caves, on the way to Ulu Yam, you will be amazed by the Batu Dam scenery.Well, it's a good place to hang out with family, friends or with the love one. Late in evening, you will see the beautiful sunset, shining up the water. Just few kilometres away from the dam, you will reach a waterfall either sungai sendat, sungai tua and etc, where you can have good bath with the crystal clear water.
                                  the scenery

The dam is a water supply dam. The dam holding capacity is 30,199 million litres. The activity you can do at here is fishing, picnic and enjoy the beautiful scenery.